My Aussie Adventure

I arrived in Brisbane on the 19th September 2016 - I am writing this on the 23rd September. So far the weather has been pretty dreary, the first few days were cold and miserable with not much about in terms of wildlife. Yesterday was our first sunny day and today it looks to be the same. We have seen a beautiful Dwarf Crowned Snake (Cacophis krefftii), a large Brown Tree Snake eastern variant (Boiga irregularis), Black Stingray and many spider and insects. We will commence our filming in a few days time.

We're 10 days into our project, unfortunately we haven't seen any of the highly venomous snakes that are on our list, but we have seen a few stunning carpet pythons and plenty of lace monitors. I've made the most of the clear night skies down here, hopefully will lots more too, i just hope i have enough memory as i have already filled around 50gbs of data from timelapses alone!

So, i have been in Australia for month now! That went quick! The original plan has not gone well, project Deadly Down Under as before is no more, i am now trying to come up with an alternative solution. I am now focusing in the main photography and video aspect of my 3rd year project, which i have a good feeling about if i can get the required imagery! Saturday the 22nd i leave Noosa and head south to Brisbane to catch a plane northbound to Cairns, where i will be traveling around the rainforests of Kuranda and Daintree National Park. Looking forward to this very much and hope this all goes to plan now as i am traveling all by myself!

john hanson