New partnership with Haida Filters!


For about 3 years now, i’ve been an ambassador for Chinese lens manufacturer, Laowa. The thing i love about their lenses, is that they fill gaps, offering specs unmatched by the big boys. Being part of their team has given me great opportunities, for example, working with them at Photokina!

Whilst at Photokina, I managed to visit some of the other stands to see what they had on display. As a landscape photographer in need of some new ND’s, I was intrigued to see what was on offer. Whilst viewing the filters at the Haida stand, I was highly impressed with the build quality and how they felt in the hand. But then, I witnessed one of the ladies who was working there drop a filter on the ground. It fell from roughly torso height, so quite a drop. Being made of glass, they had quite a weight to them, so to see it hit the hard floor without smashing was unbelievable! After that, I left my buisness card and moved on to the next stand.


When Haida got in touch with me last month, I was very happy to find out that they were going to send me a review unit of their newest Red Diamond 0.9 ND Grad & 10 stop ND. Reading on through the email, I was overwhelmed to see that they wanted me to be an ambassador!

To celebrate this fantastic moment, I wanted to go somewhere new to test out these filters, so I got researching locations, contacted my best mate Alex Greene (who is an awesome photographer!) and eventually headed for Pembrokeshire in South Wales! I set off at around 10pm, reaching our first location Greene Bridge at around 3am. Clearly I didn’t research this location well enough as the land is owned by the M.O.D and we couldn’t enter! We had to google some nearby locations and came across Church Doors Cove. After an hours sleep, we got there with plenty of time to scout the area.



Below is one of the images I shot shortly after the sun had risen over the horizon.

wales (3) 0.9grad.jpg

Later that morning, we drove into the countryside to photograph some of the waterfalls. With it being autumn, the leaves were a lovely colour, making for some rather special images.

Haida's latest creation, the Red Diamond filters, were taken to Wales to be put through their paces by nature photographer John Hanson. Photographing throughout South Wales in a 12-hour time period, John put Haida's new nano-coating technology to the test by photographing in harsh conditions and produced some amazing results!

Huge thanks to Alex for creating this epic video, check it out to see some footage from Wales! 

So far, i’ve really enjoyed using these filters. I’m very excited about what the future holds and can’t wait to get back out using this amazing equipment.

john hanson