Australia 2017


The Daintree - Feb - March

My final year at Falmouth University had come around. After taking a gap year at the end of my second year to fulfill a three month trip to Australia, I decided it would be a good idea to venture back out there, but instead, stay in one area. The Daintree Rainforest. 


This time i was there to film the wildlife, with hopes of filming a gigantic 15ft Amethystine Python, but unfortunately that didn't happen. I did get lots of Cassowary footage though, which is still pretty amazing! 

Nearly everyday that was spent out there, I went out to film this same Cassowary in the same location at around the same time - between 4pm-6pm. Because of its repetitive routines, I was able to positions myself in places where i knew i could get some fantastic close ups or wide angle footage. There were a couple of occasions where i would be sat in the middle of the creek, waiting for it to walk across and past me.....which it did do, but sometimes it would walk right up to me, stopping only about a meter away to take a good look at what on earth is sat in front of it! 

Another awesome creature i came across, was the Boyds Forest Dragon! These are only found within these tropics. 

Daintree Sunrise
john hanson